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Residential Interior Design Services

Over the past fifty years, Est Est, Inc. based in Scottsdale Arizona has worked with thousands of homeowners Nationally and Internationally, to help create living spaces suitable to each unique personality. The skilled and experienced design team prides itself on the ability to listen to and comprehend each client’s needs, and make those needs a reality in the most creative and effective way.

The scope of each residential interior design project is tailored specifically to the individual. Projects may range from selecting paint colors, to a detailed and comprehensive specification book generated prior to construction. Other projects may consist of architectural detailing, remodeling work, furnishing an entire home, selecting plumbing fixtures, or designing a custom furniture piece. No project is too large or too small. Besides offering a wide range of services, the interior designers at Est Est enjoy the ability to work and consult with you on a broad range of design styles, limited only by the imagination.

Contact us today at our Scottsdale AZ offices to begin your residential interior design transformation.

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